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Trip to valley Jidebay and Konyr Auliye Cave.

Tours and Excursions in Kazakhstan.

““ Glory to Allah ”- the dawn of inner faith has opened for me
I hastened to serve the Prophet,
Serving him, I, without closing my eyes, barely kept my feet.
Based on love, I drove away Satan with a blow.
Then, with flapping wings, I took off "

Hikmets Khoja Ahmed Yasaui.

Distance of the route: 545 km.
Season: from May 10 to September 30.
Best time to travel: June - August.
Duration of the tour: 2 days.

Short description of the excursion trip route from Semey to valley Jidebay:

Semey - Borli village - Enlik-Kebek mausoleum - Zhidebay tract - Kengirbay mausoleum - Karaul village - Konyr Aulie cave - Semey.

Detailed excursion program from mausoleum Enlik-Kebek to cave Konyr-Aulie:

Excursion from Semey to the village of Karaul.

Day 1. Semey - Karaul village (215 km).
Transfer: Semey - Borli village (93 km).
Arrival in the village of Borli, a visit to the house-museum of M.O. Auezov. September 28, 1897 in Ayakkaragan in the valley Borli, which was located on the territory of Chingiz volost (now Abay district of East Kazakhstan region) Mukhtar Auezov was born.
Mukhtar Auezov lost his parents early: father Omarkhan died in 1900, mother Nurzhamal - in 1912. The writer, collecting material for the novel “The Way of Abai”, stayed with Omarkhan's father, who had lived in the village of Borli for 90 years.
The Auezov family was related to the family of the Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev. Grandfather Mukhtara Auez was a friend and admirer of Abay's work. Abay's father, Kunanbay, was married to Nurganim, the sister of Auez. Abay came to Auez at festivities about the birth of his grandson Mukhtar.
200 meters from the Auezov House-Museum is the mausoleum of the parents of Mukhtar Auezov - Omarkhan and Nurzhamal, visiting the mausoleum.
Transfer: Borli village - Kaskabulak village - Enlik - Kebek mausoleum (42 km).
Arrival at the Enlik-Kebek mausoleum, visit to the mausoleum. The monument to lovers was erected in 1960 by local youth as a tribute to the legendary couple of lovers, as a symbol of true love. This is a love story. A strict and majestic monument to lovers - Enlik and Kebek - still defies a tragic fate, proving the power of Love in the Middle Ages.
Transfer: Enlik-Kebek mausoleum -  Arkalyk Mountains - Enlik-Kebek grave (31 km).
In the eastern part of the Orda Mountains, 7 kilometers from the Semey-Karaul highway, on the east side of Mount Kishiorda, 834 meters high above sea level, there is a small hill named Enlik-Kebek, on the south side of which is the grave of lovers. Walk in the environs, visit the grave.
Transfer: Enlik-Kebek grave - Zhidebay valley (39 km).
Arrival at the Zhidebay valley. A visit to the Abay Kunanbayev house-museum, a monument to the bust of Abay, the Abai-Shakarim memorial complex, mausoleum to grandmother Zere and mother Ulzhan.
Transfer: Zhidebay valley - Kengirbai mausoleum (8 km).
Before his death, Kengirbai bi, transferred control to Abai's grandfather - Oskembai. According to legend, Kengirbai chose a place for burial during his lifetime. A panorama of the surrounding feather grass steppes of the expanses of East Kazakhstan opens from the hill.
Transfer: Kengirbay mausoleum - Karaul village (33 km).
Arrival in the village of Karaul. Accommodation in a guest house, dinner, overnight.
Day 2. Karaul village - town Semey (330 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Karaul village - Kyzylshoky mountain - Kanchingiz mountains - Konyr-Aulie cave (70 km).
Our path from the Karaul village lies to the northwest along the eastern slope of the Kanchingiz ridge, which stretches for 65 kilometers from the northwest to the southeast. Konyr-Aulie Cave is located between the Kanchingiz ridge and the Suykzhal ridge, on the right side of the small Karlybulak river.
From the cave in the north, the Karlybulak river merges with the Sargaldak river, after which the Shagan river forms. Visit Konyr Aulie cave, walk in the vicinity. Return to Semey (260 km).

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