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History petroglyphs Tamgaly.

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Petroglyphs Tours to Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan there are more than 1500 places where you can see petroglyphs - rock paintings. Tamgaly Tract is the most famous. It is located in the area of Anrakhai Mountains. Three generations of archaeologists have been studying this magnificent place for half a century but it is still mysterious and magical.
Tamgaly Complex officially opened in 1957 and related to Zhetysu archaeological Expedition of the Science Academy of Kazakhstan under the management of scientist A.Maximova was mentioned already in the XIXth century.
However the intensive studies started in the middle of the last century. The brightest natural feature of Tamgaly is a canyon located at the mouth of the ravine where the basic groups of petroglyphs are concentrated.
In the narrow valley surrounded by the rock massifs you can witness curious acoustic and optical effects. In the canyon you can talk to each other without raising the voice at the distance of 100 - 150 meters from each other.
Cultural development of the tract took place probably within a rather short period of time. At the different sections of the canyon ancient petroglyphs reveal amazing resemblance of the pictures and painting technique.
Part of the most ancient gravures on the canyon rocks was created by two or three painters.

Group of archeologists under the leadership of Anna Georgiyevna Maximova. the 1950th XXth century.Archeological excavations on Tamgaly valley. 1950th years, XXth century.50 tenge denomination of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Authority: In information are used materials of Institute of cultural policy and Art Studies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.