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Peninsula Mangyshlak.

Traveling around Mangyshlak Peninsula.

"Follow your own path and let the people say whatever they want"

Dante Alighieri.

Tours on Mangyshlak Peninsula.

Mangyshlak Peninsula is located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. In the north, the peninsula borders on the Komsomolets Bay and the Mertvyi Kultuk saline land, in the north-west on the Mangyshlak Bay, in the south - on the Kara-Bogaz-Gol lagoon, in the east - on the Ustyurt plateau.
The length from the northwest to the southeast is 390 kilometers, the width is 160 kilometers. The central part of the peninsula is occupied by the Mangyshlak mountains, the western continuation of which is the Tyub-Karagan peninsula with a plateau-like relief, with heights up to 192 meters above sea level.
The southern part of the peninsula is bordered by the stepped plateau Mangyshlak, Kendyrli-Kiyasay and the deepest depressions in the country - Karagiye (132 meters below sea level), Karynzharyk (70 meters below sea level), Kuyndy (57 meters below sea level).
In the north is the Buzachi peninsula, composed mainly of sedimentary rocks, replete with saline land and saline soils, clay surface, rocky and sagebrush deserts. The length of this accumulative plain from west to east is 210 - 220 kilometers, with heights up to 61 meters above sea level.
The climate of the Mangyshlak Peninsula is sharply continental with January temperatures - 2 - 6 C, July 26 - 28 ° C. Dry winds with dust storms are frequent in summer. The annual amount of precipitation is about 150 mm, a high degree of evaporation is observed.
There are no rivers with a permanent flow, large reserves of underground water sources have been discovered. The desert landscape prevails. Wormwood, biyurgun, boyalych and other drought-resistant herbs grow.
Since 1960, the Mangyshlak peninsula has been an important area for the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. There is an intensive growth of cities that meet all modern requirements, the main of which is Aktau.
Geographic coordinates of Mangyshlak Peninsula: N43°55'42.26" E52°17'22.23"

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Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.