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Trip to Turgai.

Trip from Arkalyk to Turgai.

“Increasing knowledge,
Strangers to visit the land
I consider it a good deed"

Brant Sebastian.

A short description of the route of the excursion walk in Kostanay region:

Kostanay - the town of Aulikol - the settlement of Derzhavinsk - the town of Arkalyk - the settlement of Amangeldy - the settlement of Turgai.

Distance of the route: 744 km.
Season: all year round.
The best time for an excursion: July - September.
Duration of the trip: 3 days.
Advanced reservation: 48 hours.

Detailed program of excursion to the Zhangeldin museum complex in Turgay:

Trip from Kostanay to Turgai.

Day 1. Arkalyk - Amangeldy village (284 km).
The area before the appearance of the town of Arkalyk was called Kyzyl goats, which in Kazakh means red lamb. A short legend, it looks like this, returning from the pasture, the shepherd noticed that the color of the wool of one of the lambs became red, the reason was - red clay, which colored bauxites of the main component of aluminum production.
The town of Arkalyk is located in the central part of Kazakhstan. Previously, it was the center of the Torgai region, now the town of regional subordination of the Kostanay region. Arkalyk was built in ten years - from 1956 to 1965, in the bare steppe, near the Turgai bauxite mining department, which mined about 20% of the bauxite ore in the USSR.
Arkalyk sightseeing:
- monument to Amangeldy Imanov, monument to V. I. Lenin, monument to batyr Keiki, monument to steppe batyr Shakshak Zhanibek, monument to Alibi Dzhangildin, the first bucket of mined bauxite, which is located on the square in front of the museum, space capsule of the first space tourist D. Tito. 
Visit to the regional museum of the history of the Steppe region in Arkalyk.
The museum was organized in 1973, at that time the first exposition in the museum was opened. The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan D.A. Kunaev. The statesman of Kazakhstan Uzbekali Zhanibekov stood at the origins of the museum's formation.
Museum funds contain more than seventy-five thousand exhibits, the reserve fund contains 23,000 exhibits. The museum has eleven exhibition halls. Sightseeing tour of the town, visiting the monument to Ch. Valikhanov, which is installed on the territory of secondary school No. 1, the monument to Aakhmet Baitursynov, located on the square in front of the Omka market, visiting the complex of monuments to steppe animals located on the ring opposite the Cooperator. Visit to the town Arkalyk mosque, the Church of the Holy Trinity. After the excursion, lunch at a cafe. 
Transfer: Arkalyk - Zhaldama village - Ushtogay village - geoglyph "Ushtogay square" (163 km).
On the way visit on environs village Tasty mausoleum Keiki batyr. Arrival at the geoglyph, walk in the vicinity. "Ushtogay square" - is a geometric figure - a square with diagonals, presented out of 101 mounds in the form of mounds, approximately the same size. Burial mounds with a diameter of 11 to 15 meters, a height of about 1 meter. East side length square is 279 meters, the length of the western side of the square is 272.5 meters.
The square is oriented diagonally to the cardinal points.
Further transfer: geoglyph "Ushtogay square" - Ushtogai village - Karasu village - Amangeldy settlement (121 km). Arrival in the settlement of Amangeldy, transfer to the hotel, overnight.
Day 2. The settlement of Amangeldy - the settlement of Torgai (147 km).
Breakfast. The settlement of Amangeldy is located 145 kilometers west of Arkalyk, on the right bank of the Kara-Torgai River at the mouth of the Zhaldama River. The settlement of Amangeldy is the administrative center of the Amangeldy region.
The settlement is named after the leader of the 1916 national liberation uprising in Kazakhstan, Amangeldy Imanov. Until 1936, the settlement was called Batbakkara; in 1936, by a decree of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR, the village of Batbakkara was renamed Amangeldy.
Visit to the historical museum of Amangeldy Imanov. The museum was opened in 1969. Since 1979, it has been located in a new building, which houses 5 exhibition halls, 2 offices, a cinema hall, a storage facility.
The museum houses more than 2000 exhibits, including personal belongings, weapons and household items of Amangeldy Imanov and his associates: match guns, sabers, daggers and other things. In 1964, in the village of Urpek, where Amangeldy Imanov was born, a branch of the museum was opened. One of the halls of the museum is dedicated to the history of the region.
Transfer: Amangeldy - Kumkeshu sands (32 km). On the way, in the vicinity of the village of Kumkeshu there are beautiful dunes of the sands of the same name. Walk through the dunes.
Transfer: sands of Kumkeshu - Tokanai village - Zharkol lake - Tauysh village - Suzhargan village - Torgai village (115 km). Arrival to the village of Torgai.
Turgai village, the administrative center of the Dzhangeldin district of the Kostanay region. In the XIXth century, the settlement of Turgai was already called a city; it got its name from the Turgai River. In 1845, an Orenburg detachment under the command of Major Tomilin, who acted against the uprising of Kenesary Kasymov, on the right bank of the Turgai River marked a place for a strong point, where a fortification was erected, called the Orenburg one.
The first settlers were the Orenburg Cossacks. At the direction of the military governor V.A. Obruchev, the construction of the Turgai fort began in the period from 1845 - 1848. In the first years of its existence, the garrison of Turgai consisted of 164 Cossack and infantry men and 226 mobile reserve men.
Member of the military registration committee, Lieutenant General Aleksey Maksheyev in his book "Traveling across the Kyrgyz steppes and the Turkestan region": "Inside the Kyrgyz steppe, two fortifications were founded by Obruchev in 1845:
"Orenburg on the Turgai River and Ural on the Irgiz River, renamed in 1868 The establishment of these first Russian settlements in the Orenburg Kyrgyz steppe was caused by the following circumstance: In the early forties, the Kyrgyz steppes were agitated by the rebellious Sultan Kenesary Kasymov.
When detachments were sent against him from the Orenburg line, he left for the Siberian steppe when detachments were sent from Siberia, he again appeared in the Orenburg steppe, etc. This forced the Orenburg authorities to ask permission to deploy detachments in the steppe in the fall, so that in the spring they could start pursuing Kenesary.
But then, naturally, the question arose: how to ensure a winter stay troops in the steppe? Correspondence began on this issue, in which from time During the winter stay of the detachments in the steppe, they imperceptibly switched to their permanent presence there, to the construction of fortifications".
A visit to the Zhangeldin complex of museums, this is the main attraction of the village of Turgai:
- Historical and Memorial Museum named after Alibi Zhangeldin,
- Memorial and Pedagogical Museum named after Ibray Altynsarin,
- the literary museum named after Akhmet Baitursynov and Myrzhakyp Dulatov,
- Historical Museum of Batyr Shakshak Zhanibek.
Visit to the private museum of Nurkhan Akhmetbekov, which was opened in 1983, the museum in memory of the Kazakh singer, composer, akyn.
Inspection of the museum in the local mosque.
The exhibits of the museum tell about the activities of Gaziz Amirkhanov, one of the initiators of the construction, who became the imam of the mosque.
End of the excursion. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3. Turgai settlement - Arkalyk town (292 km).
Arrival to Arkalyk. End of the trip.

Author program of Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction  from the sanction of the author.