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Azu Tisteri on valley Boszhira.

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In central part of Bozzhyra valley there are two grandiose, pointed outcrops: Ontustik Azu tisteri 49 meters high and Soltustik Azu tisteri 25 meters high, outcrops are located in the western part of Ak Shatkala gorge, in western part of Oynak Bozzhyra clearing, 1.4 kilometers to south and a little west of Mount Borly Tau, 3 kilometers southwest of Fourth Panorama of Bozzhyra, 3.2 kilometers northeast of  Shoky tau mountain in Karakiyansky district in southeastern part of Mangistau region. 
The remains of Azu Tisteri are a destroyed continuation of the Ulken keme mountain range. The visiting card of the Bozzhyra valley are two chalk rocks, nicknamed Azu Tisteri for their shape. The southern rock outcrop of Azu Tisteri is located at a distance of 170 meters from the northern outcrop.
The height of the western cliff of the plateau, in the vicinity of the Azu Tisteri peaks, rises to a height of 243.1 meters above sea level. To the east of Azu Tisteri there is a flat and picturesque clearing with thickets of saxaul Oynak Bozzhyra. This is one of the unique landscapes of the Western Cliffs of Ustyurt of the Ustyurt plateau;
the remains are especially impressive at sunrise, if you observe them from the Fourth panoramas of Bozzhyra or Fifth panoramic platforms. The tops of the outcrops begin to be illuminated by rising rays and create a fantastic, unforgettable panorama of the surrounding area and attractions of the Bozzhyra valley.
From here you have the most recognizable view of the surrounding chalk and stone sculptures. Nature has endowed this corner with the most diverse and amazing forms of relief, which, when contemplated by a person, evoke aesthetic feelings of beautiful and unique delight.
This natural paradise of Mangystau will delight tourists and travelers with its views more than once.
Geographic coordinates of Ontustik Azu Tisteri outcrop: N43°24'56 E54°04'19
Geographic coordinates of Soltustik Azu Tisteri outcrop: N43°25'02 E54°04'21

Authority and photos by:
 Alexander Petrov.